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Why ScribeAmerica?



  • Personality profiling
  • Toughest screening in the industry
  • Learning management system




  • Onsite leadership throughout
  • Ongoing QA reviews and reporting
  • Client approval at each step




  • Continuous performance management
  • Dedicated team, available 24/7
  • Industry experts in clinical and financial performance 




  • Our scribe programs and scribes stay current with all American College of Medical Scribe Specialists guidelines and testing, the nation's only governing body for scribes.


About ScribeAmerica

ScribeAmerica was established in 2003, while the concept of medical scribe utilization in the industry has been anecdotally reported since the 1970's, ScribeAmerica transformed this cottage operation into a national industry. In 2006, we were the first company to demonstrate that the synergy of the Scribe/MD/EMR model could overcome productivity losses experienced by unassisted physicians using EMR. In 2008, we were the first scribe company providing services on both coasts and the only scribe company present at ACEP, AAOS, and SHM. We credit our success to our generous profit-sharing business model whereby the actual Project Leaders who manage our client's programs are rewarded. By enfranchising our employee base, we ensure limited attrition among management and attract the best talent in the industry to run your program.

Benefits of the ScribeAmerica Medical Scribe Program:

  • Talk to the patient without the distraction of documentation
  • Have more complete and accurate charts for proper reimbursement
  • See more patients per shift

  • Reduce down-coding
  • Reduce or eliminate the amount of time you spend reviewing charts after your shift



What are Medical Scribes?

A medical scribe is typically a pre-medical student who captures data in real time during the patient examination. A medical scribe shadows the provider for the duration of the shift capturing all patient and provider consults, lab results and medical decision making.

The Joint Commission states a “scribe does not and may not act independently but documents the physician’s or licensed independent practitioner’s dictation and/or activities. Verbal orders can never be given by scribes. Verbal orders can never be given to scribes.” Scribes may not touch patients or assist in the treatment of patients.

Source: jointcommission.org


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