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Why Medical Scribe Systems?


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About Medical Scribe Systems

Medical Scribe Systems (MSS) provides customized scribe programs to hospitals and medical groups nationwide. Our site-specific medical scribe programs are designed to offset the loss of productivity associated with EMR implementation and continuously improve the clinical charting process with a focus on revenue cycle outcomes.

In addition to optimizing revenue, the MSS medical scribe program improves patient satisfaction by allowing providers to spend less time in front of a computer and more time with their patients.

Benefits of the MSS Medical Scribe Program:

  • Talk to the patient without the distraction of documentation
  • Have more complete and accurate charts for proper reimbursement
  • See more patients per shift

  • Reduce down-coding
  • Reduce or eliminate the amount of time you spend reviewing charts after your shift



What are Medical Scribes?

A medical scribe is typically a pre-medical student who captures data in real time during the patient examination. A medical scribe shadows the provider for the duration of the shift capturing all patient and provider consults, lab results and medical decision making.

The Joint Commission states a “scribe does not and may not act independently but documents the physician’s or licensed independent practitioner’s dictation and/or activities. Verbal orders can never be given by scribes. Verbal orders can never be given to scribes.” Scribes may not touch patients or assist in the treatment of patients.

Source: jointcommission.org


Why Use Medical Scribe Systems?

By transferring the clerical burden to a medical scribe, you can concentrate on patient communication, increase throughput and leave work on time. MSS manages scribe programs at a site-specific level so that each facility gets optimum financial and performance gains.

The MSS Advantage:

How MSS Can Assist with EMR Implementation:

  • Optimize revenue cycle 
  • Improve E&M distribution
  • Increase face-to-face time with patients 
  • Reduce overtime hours 
  • Improve HCAHPS and Press Ganey scores 
  • Improve provider satisfaction


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